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Snake Fidget Toy (mini)

Fidget Toy Plus

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  • STIMULATE THEIR MINDS: brain teasers for lots of fun! This set comes with a twist cube in a variety of colors. Twist the little cubes to turn the toy into a straight line, stair, and a multitude of other fun shapes inspired by your imagination.
  • GREAT DEVELOPMENT TOOL: These are more than just fun playthings. With every twist of the cubes, kids get to pick up everything from hand-eye coordination, motor skills, problem-solving skills, deductive reasoning, to cognitive development and much more.
  • SENSORY FIDGET TOYS: Keep boredom at bay and stress to a minimum with these mini fidget cubes. They make fun sensory toys for autistic children, calming toys for hyperactive kids, and stress relief toys for adults with a brain-teasing twist.
  • Random colors will be chosen for your order.