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Pop Tubes - 6 Pack

Fidget Toys Plus

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  • Pop Tubes are fun and functional sensory toys that pop, stretch, and connect making these pop tubes the go-to toy for playtime.
  • Sensory tubes provide tactile stimulation, fine motor skills, and auditory feedback.
  • The perfect addition to your collection of fidget toys.
  • These sensory toys also act as physical therapy toys that excite and inspire. 
  • Fun and colorful fidget pop tube toys - assorted colors
  • Colorful, bendable, snappable and provide hours of fun.
  • In addition to the auditory stimulation they provide, pull and pop tubes can help those who struggle with sensory processing disorders and fine motor skills. Since you need to be able to hold on to both ends of the tube to stretch, bend or twirl it, this would help strengthening the muscles in your arms and fingers. Good grip strength can help in keeping your arm muscles strong and healthy. These pop tubes also help building up shaky hands.
  • Random colors will be chosen for your order.